Cedar tree in an English back garden

Cedar Trees in a forest

Cedar Trees in Lebanon

The cedar tree is part of the pine (pinaceae) family and is native to the countries of North Africa and Asia. The three true cedar varieties have rich, brown colored bark and ascending branches with pine needles in various shades of green. The trees can grow to glorious heights of approximately 40 feet and some have trunks as thick as eight feet in diameter. Once fully grown however, it does not grow further. 

Cedar trees are fairly light, making them ideal to include as my intervention. The fact that they don't grow further than their mature size is also useful as there may not be space to accommodate a growing tree. 


Summer Flowers:

Daisies, Dahlia, Purple Coneflower, Lavender, Switchgrass, Poppies etc

Colour palette:

Dark orange, Yellow green, Pale pink, Cornflower Blue

Autumnal Flowers:

Dahlias, Camelias, Hibiscus, Double Perennials, Chrysanthemums etc

Colour Palette:

Bright orange, Gold, Dark red, Forest green, Dark pink

Spring Flowers:

Pansies, Hellebores, Bloodroots, Lilac, Cherry Blossoms, Crocus etc.

Colour Palette: Pastel pink, yellow, spring green, red, lilac

Winter Flowers:

Snowdrops, Lavender, Winter roses, Paper Daisies, Bergenia etc

Colour Palette:

Pale blue, Light grey, Dark green, Blue grey


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